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Patrick Johnston

Vice President
Clarence Chan

Donna Hammel

Janet Bonner

Dillon Delvo

Executive Committee

Anne Baird
Donna Brown
Steve Castellanos
Kendra Hall
Beverly Fitch McCarthy
Tom Shephard, Sr.
Max Vargas
John Vera


Successful Fundraiser with Willie Brown!


The Truman Club hosted a successful fundraising reception at the Johnston home featuring Willie Brown on September 19. The event was a rollicking good evening with good eats donated by Pat Johnston and catered by loyal Democrat Steve DeParsia and beverages supplied by John Vera and Clarence Chan. Anne Baird , Beverly Fitch McCarthy and Janet Bonner managed the front desk and made sure everyone paid. Donna Hammel and Dillon Delvo were ace troubleshooters. A special thank you goes out to Moses Zapien and Michael Tubbs for bringing their team of eager volunteers to help.

Willie Brown previewed the election with several of our endorsed candidates in the room as well as Senator Lois Wolk, Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani, Mayor Ann Johnston, and Council Member Susan Eggman.

Thanks to Susan’s attractive blouse, worn by Rene Hall, the party was prominently mentioned by the guest of honor in his Sunday SF Chronicle column. With the help of club members, supporters, and sponsors, Truman raised the funds to donate generously to endorsed Democrats for local offices.

 Patrick Johnston